we are in need of Volunteers to serve in the following roles

Seeking someone to serve in the Creative Media Ministry- CONTENT CREATOR,

Please send an email attaching your resume (if available) to: admin@globalwomenministry.com


The Content Creator at Global Women Ministry is responsible for producing and managing various forms of content to support the ministry's mission, engage the congregation, and reach a broader audience. This role involves crafting written, visual, and multimedia content to inspire, inform, and foster a sense of community within the Ministry

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Content Development: Create and curate engaging content for various platforms, including the ministry's website, social media channels, newsletters, and other communication mediums. This may include blog posts, articles, devotionals, videos, graphics, and more.

  2. Sermon Support: Collaborate with the pastor and other ministerial leaders to create multimedia presentations or visuals to enhance sermons and teaching materials.

  3. Social Media Management: Manage and maintain the ministry's social media presence, ensuring regular updates, timely responses to comments/messages, and alignment with the ministry's brand and messaging.

  4. Graphic Design: Design eye-catching graphics, banners, posters, and other visual assets for events, announcements, and promotions.

  5. Video Production: Plan, shoot, and edit videos for sermons, events, testimonies, and other content needs. This may include recording and editing services, ensuring good audio and video quality.

  6. Content Calendar: Develop and maintain a content calendar to schedule and organize content releases, aligning with the ministry's goals and seasonal events.

  7. Website Management: Keep the ministry's website up-to-date with relevant content, events, and announcements. Ensure that the website is user-friendly and responsive.

  8. Community Engagement: Foster engagement and interaction within the ministry community by initiating discussions, managing online groups, and responding to inquiries or concerns.

  9. Analytics and Reporting: Monitor and analyze the performance of content through various analytics tools, providing regular reports on reach, engagement, and impact.

  10. Digital Evangelism: Explore opportunities for online outreach and digital evangelism, using content to share the ministry's message with a wider audience.


We are seeking musical Leadership

Role Expectations

  1. Musical Leadership:

    • Select and arrange music for worship services, special events, and other ministry-related activities.

    • Lead and conduct musical ensembles, such as choirs, bands, or orchestras.

    • Play musical instruments or sing as needed during worship services and rehearsals.

    • Ensure that the music aligns with the ministry's values, beliefs, and objectives.

  2. Worship Planning:

    • Collaborate with the ministry's leaders, pastors, or worship team to plan and coordinate music for various services and events.

    • Create a schedule for music rehearsals and performances.

    • Maintain a repertoire of songs and hymns suitable for different occasions.

  3. Rehearsal Coordination:

    • Lead and manage music rehearsals, providing guidance and direction to musicians and vocalists.

    • Ensure that musicians are prepared and rehearsed for upcoming services.

    • Offer coaching and feedback to improve the quality of musical performances.

  4. Team Management:

    • Recruit, train, and oversee volunteer musicians and singers, if applicable.

    • Manage and organize the music team, including scheduling, communication, and administrative tasks.

    • Foster a positive and supportive environment within the music ministry.

  5. Equipment and Sound:

    • Oversee the maintenance and operation of musical instruments and sound equipment.

    • Ensure that all equipment is in good working order for performances.

    • Coordinate with technical teams to achieve the desired audio and visual effects during worship services.

  6. Worship Experience Enhancement:

    • Work to enhance the overall worship experience by integrating music effectively into the ministry's services and events.

    • Explore new music and technology to keep the ministry's music current and engaging.

  7. Spiritual Leadership:

    • Maintain a strong Christian faith and serve as a spiritual leader within the ministry.

    • Use music to inspire and engage the congregation in worship, prayer, and reflection.

    • Contribute to the spiritual growth and well-being of the music team and the congregation.

  8. Administrative Duties:

    • Manage the budget for the music ministry, including purchasing music, equipment, and other supplies.

    • Keep records of music licenses, copyrights, and other legal obligations.

    • Communicate with the ministry's leadership regarding the needs and activities of the music department.